Public shaming for a more kind, more cruel society

The idea of public shaming to humiliate or punish people is not new. In the darkest times shaming highlights those who are different so others can scrutinize or attack. When more just motives are at play, shaming is designed to hold people accountable for actions deemed against the public interest. Even some modern day courts

I’m Back to Writing. Hopefully.

Wow, I have a technology curse. This curse causes computers and laptops to die painful deaths around me. Also, for my blog to randomly collapse and become unreadable. Then I get busy for awhile with Activate Good stuff and I forget that I have a blog so don’t go through the trouble of fixing it

Introducing: Music Mondays

It occurred to me the other day that there’s a science-y correlation between my mood and how much music I listen to on a given day. More music = more happy. This is not a new concept in psychology and wellness, but I wonder if the impact of music on my own wellbeing might be

Mother Teresa and the Halo effect

Mother Teresa’s name is synonymous with charitable deeds. For decades she has represented, to many, all that is pure and good in the world. But recent reports indicating that her legend may not be all that it seems have shaken this image, leaving some disillusioned. I wasn’t Mother Teresa’s BFF So here’s the thing about

Regrets on our deathbeds

Is it true that now, more than any other time in history, we have choices today about the way we live? While we still face the realities of a less than stellar economy, while millions still work to make ends meet day to day, our wealth and options in this century still outweigh those of